We’re Korppi Games, a three-person games company in southern Finland. We’re lifelong gamers who want to make deep, thoughtful video games.

The team

Ilkka Halila

Ilkka Halila Ilkka has been coding games since he was in primary school. He released the original ASCII Goblin Camp in 2010 and has worked professionally in the games industry since then. Highlights of his career are founding the mobile game studio Boomlagoon and working as the CTO of Seriously Digital Entertainment.

Michael Halila

Michael Halila Michael is a historian, adult educator, and activist. He helped design the original Goblin Camp, and has been generally messing around with tabletop, board and computer games for almost his entire life. He’s worked as a journalist and a teacher, and spent some time as a PhD researcher, with several peer-reviewed publications in military history.

Mikael Kailaanmäki

Mikael Kailaanmäki Mikael is a true digital art powerhouse. Started with Deluxe Paint III on Amiga 500 in the 90s. With over 15 years of experience working on advertisements, animation, and game art. Big fan of “thinking man’s games” and has ascended 4 times in Nethack. Bringing Goblin Camp to life and to you.